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Popular Head Injuries in Grown-ups

Many people go to the hospital due to head injuries. Head injuries are very dangerous, and you should never assume them. There are instances where you might have a headache or a brain contusion, and people assume these symptoms. Getting constant head injuries might lead to brain disease. Most people who get head injuries are people who play various sports. However, one thing that you have to realize is that you will not experience any pain when you get a concussion, which means that you will choose to ignore it. This blog will shed some light on the different head injuries adults have to deal with in their lives.

One of the most prevalent head injuries is a fractured skull. A fractured skull injury is very painful. When you get this injury, you will bleed excessively, which means that you should see a doctor as soon as possible. The head bleeds a lot because there are a lot of high-density blood vessels in the head. Fractures are dangerous because they can cause the bone pieces to cut the brain tissue. Another effect of the skull fracture is that it can lead to bruising of the brain. The second head injury that you should watch out for is the Epidural Hematoma.

This hematoma is caused when there is draining in the head caused when one of the veins in the skull is torn. For your vein to tear, your skull will be damaged. In this situation, blood is stored in the middle of the skull and dura. The mere fact that the blood accumulates itself in the head is called hematoma. Patients who have a big hematoma usually faint often. The third head injury that you need to know about is the acute subdural hematoma. The main reason why people get this hematoma is when blood is located in the middle of the dura and cerebrum.

The main cause of this injury is when you bump your head on a hard surface. An acute subdural hematoma is dangerous, and you should visit a hospital immediately. Another type of head injury common in adults is the chronic subdural hematoma. This type of hematoma is different from the rest because it grows slowly.

Patients suffering this hematoma usually get a lot of seizures. The best way to avoid this head injury is to avoid any head accidents in the future. Another head injury is intraparenchymal hemorrhaging. This injury is caused by the accumulation of blood in the brain tissue. In case you are involved in a head injury seek medical attention with immediate effect.

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