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The Mcdonalds Coffee Lawsuit Fact And Fiction

Fairness is promoted by the judicial system and that is the government has to make sure that it is strong enough. The courts have to make sure that there are no disputes and that is why they tend to solve all of the case types that are brought before them. The most sensitive court cases are the ones that involve the personal injury. People have the tendencies to feel that the verdicts were unfair when they lose in the court cases because there are no fixed measures or penalties. One such case that the people have been talking about for so long is one that involved a leading coffee company. The people read or hear about the coffee lawsuit where there is a woman who got to grow rich from compensation.

Apparently, the woman got coffee spilt on her lap and she was able to suffer some burns and she got heavily compensated for that. Sources tell that she was holding the coffee with her laps while she drove and that compensation was unfair. We can be able to argue well with all the facts and also come to an understanding of why the company agreed to pay.

First of all, the company had a lot of complaints from the other clients who suffered from burns from their coffee. With all of these personal injury claims against them, the chances of the company to get a win were slim because it is not just about the clients negligence but also the problem was with their coffee.

The company admitted that their coffee was too hot The company served their coffee at a standard heat of 180 degrees compared to the market standard at 135 degrees. Such heat is able to cause second degree burns that the client was able to suffer and the fact that they admitted to knowing made it even worse for them.

The lady was able to get some serious burns and that is another fact. The lady was hurt enough and the evidence is because there are medical records that show she was admitted and received medication for some time.

The lady was old and in the company of her grandson is another dimension that the case was looked into. First of all, she was 79 and not middle aged as it was painted. The driver was the grandson as contrary to the beliefs that people have. The winning of the case came because the personal injury lawyer was competent enough and argued with the facts.

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