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States Which Are Worth Visiting Because of Their Beer

Among the various destinations you can visit in the US, you can plan on visiting areas that are known to be national beer cities. You can get to enjoy local flavor in these different places, and you can get yourself a driver to take you around such cities. Find out the part that ale yeast plays in making beer here. Read on to learn about the cities you should visit to enjoy their beer.

Milwaukee in Wisconsin is one of the famous cities that you can visit for their beer. The city has been previously considered as the beer capital of the world. Major brewers such as Pabst, Miller, and Shiltz started in this place, and MillerCoors now produces above 10 million barrels of beer every year in Milwaukee. There are also many small breweries rising, and competition makes each of them work hard to offer the best quality products. Learn about the role of ale yeast in making beer on this page.

You should also consider visiting Portland in Oregon for the beer. Most of the beer purchases in this state are craft beers, and there are over 200 craft breweries to choose from when buying. Over 50% of the beer sold in the state is produced locally. Purchasing the local brew is also very easy since it is readily available throughout Oregon and you can buy it in where just like you buy water.

You should also consider visiting Denver in Colorado for the beer. You can consider visiting the Great American Beer Festival which is held in this place, and it holds the Guinness Book of World Records as the most extensive beer Festival with 3500 varieties of beer that you can sample. If you visit at another time, you can also get to sample what the more than 30 local breweries have to offer.

San Diego, California, is another place to visit for the beer. Over 750 breweries are running in California, and among the best brews made with the finest ale yeast are available in San Diego.

Your trip will be incomplete without visiting St. Louis in Missouri. Beginning from the 1830s, beer has been a part of the history of the city. Micro craft breweries and brewpubs are the primary sources of the beer scene in St. Louis. Discover more about ale yeast and its role in making beer on this page.

You should also consider visiting Chicago in Illinois for the beer. This is home to some of the most delicious and adventurous craft beers that you can find anywhere. There are multiple options of ales with flavors that you are unlikely to find anywhere. You can order some of the best ales made with ale yeast on this page.

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