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Types of Knee Braces for Different Types of Knee Problems

A person who is using a knee brace generally so to alleviate pain, to recover from some kind of injury as soon as possible, or protection. If your knees are strong, you don’t have any trouble straightening, flexing or bending them; the situation for people whose knees are not healthy is different though. For example, simple things such as, waking, kicking, running, and sitting is going to be difficult for someone who has injured his knee. People suffering from arthritis experience pain in their knees more than any other joint pain.

Knee braces can be had in various kinds and each one of these is designed for a variety of knee ailments like fractured ligaments, ailing kneecaps, or else to relieve painful arthritis.

Hinged.This type is often the type of brace which orthopedic surgeons or sports physicians prescribe for athletes with ligament damage. Such a brace is going to help keep the ligament protected following surgery and also increases its stability. Unless the surgeon or doctor informs you that you can already remove it, this is the single kind of brace that you have to wear. Such knee brace provides a good option for running, although these are not ideal for majority of the different sports due to the metal parts used for the support.

Prophylactic. Such braces are normally employed to help keep your knees protected from injuries as you are taking on contact sports. Since this brace has been designed for protecting your healthy knee, it is not endorsed for ordinary use. These braces are not costly and one can get them almost anywhere. Studies have revealed that they indeed help in reducing the number of injuries every year from contact sports; however, the study was not conclusive as regards the effectiveness of these braces.

Functional. This type is intended for those suffering from existing injuries The individuals who are advised to use such braces are the ones suffering from MCL (medial collateral ligament), PC (posterior cruciate ligament), or ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament.) These braces happen to be durable as well as lightweight and are used to keep the knee steady and also to help in the rehabilitation of such afflicted ligaments.

Arthritic. These are the braces specially designed for people suffering from arthritis and are otherwise known unloader braces. The key function of the arthritic braces is to alleviate the pain and also provide stability. With this type of braces, you can lower your chance of having surgical treatment. You can buy this braces in either inflexible or soft version. The brace can help you minimize the surplus load of weight on a damaged knee. There is as well the sleeve edition of arthritic brace that is going to provide warmth somewhere for faster healing as well as reduced pain.

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