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A Guide on How You Can Deal with a Cracked Tooth after an Accident

A cracked tooth is a common issue, but it is also potentially severe. You can get cracks on any part of the tooth, and it can be deep or shallow, long or short. The cracks can be visible but not all the time, which makes it difficult to self-diagnose. Some tooth cracks will need you to get dental care when others will not, so you need to check out the symptoms to know what you need to do. If you find that you’re feeling pain when chewing, this might be a sign of trouble. You may also have a sensitivity to hot or cold food or drinks or sweet stuff like candy. Swollen gums and discomfort in your mouth other signs of cracked or chipped teeth. When you have either of these problems, you need to make a dental appointment to get treatment; otherwise, you may have bigger issues. Learn about the alternatives you have in the dental implants market on this site.

As you wait for your appointment, you need to pay careful attention to the areas in the times when you feel the symptoms. When you do this, you will help your dentist find the cause. Avoid chewing from the side where you have a chipped tooth, and you can apply an ice pack for up to 20 minutes to lower the swelling on your face if you have any. See the different alternatives for treatment in the dental implants market on this page.

During your appointment, the dentist will perform a multi-examination and may use a magnifying glass to find the cracks. An explorer can also be used to search for our for cracked edges which will be identified if there is a snagging on the tip of the instrument. A dentist may also look for gum inflammation to identify the damaged tooth. In some cases, the dentist will apply a dental stain on your teeth to make cracks more visible. You may also be required to bite something so that you can get to locate the precise place where the pain is. Sometimes they will take an x-ray of the teeth so that they can look at the pulp of the teeth and identify which ones are unhealthy or could have a crack. For a crack on a tooth with a filling, the dentist may need to remove the filling to find the extent of the crack. This site has more information about the dental implants market and your alternatives for treatment.

The treatment option for your cracks tooth will be dependent on where the crack is and the severity of it. The dentist may choose to do the chipped part to protect it from further damage. The dentist can also conduct bonding, which is repairing a crack with resin. One can also perform a filling. A dentist can carry out a root canal if the crack has reached the pulp. Sometimes, removing the tooth and looking into the dental implants market for replacement can be the best course.

You will find yourself having to deal with further problems and expensive dental procedures if you leave a crack untreated. Find details about the treatment alternatives available in the dental implants market here.

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