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Job Hopping And The Effect That It Has On Your Career

Unlike in the time pat, a high number of workers are not taking the conventional path when it comes to their career. This has been demonstrated by the tendency to keep changing their jobs from time and time. There are both benefits and downsides to the idea of job hopping which is prevalent among the millennials. This article is geared towards outlining both sides of the coin of the career switching so that you are in a better position to make an informed judgement in that respect.

If your intention in switching jobs is to gain enhanced skills and experience, that could be a step in the right direction. The job hopping will be a value addition to your career since you will not have the potential of advancing your job prospects but get the chance to access a working environment that is more improved.

Job hopping can be useful to your career as it means that you will get pay that is elevated as well access opportunities of promotions. This is more prevalent if your present job has not provided an opportunity for you to reap those benefits. The chance of getting improved negotiation for better pay with a new employer are higher compared to when you are doing so at your present place of work.

You not only risk having a tainted reputation but less security for career if you take to job hopping. This is informed by the fact that employees are wary of people who are changing careers often considering that a lot of investment is made for the purpose of training for the staff. Your judgement and personality may not be viewed positively by the new employer. Things still will not be rosy for even when you get the job since you could be the first culprits of a downsizing exercise as you will be considered as someone whose contribution to the company is less.

Job hopping does not give you the guarantee that you are going to be happier in your new work station that you are in your current one. Additionally you risk losing all the benefits that you had accumulated in your current position. The downside of this scenario is that building up your retirement fund again will be a herculean task.

Your career will get a beating from job hopping due to the fact that a lot of employers will regard you as uncommitted and one that they cannot count on. When you are regularly changing jobs, you do not have adequate time on an organization to be able to develop and retain contact networks.

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