Zoom Confidentiality Agreement

ZfG is hosted in the United States in a separate cloud authorized by FedRAMP and is accessible via a separate website (www.zoomgov.com). If you use the service ZfG: Lionheart Squared Ltd Attn: Data Privacy 2 Pembroke House Upper Pembroke Street 28-32 Dublin DO2 EK84 Republic of lreland email: zoom@LionheartSquared.eu Find out what confidentiality agreement (NDA) you need. This mutual confidentiality agreement exists between a single a (s) and one person.a . Any party may, without the prior written consent of the other party, make public the existence of these agreements or the transactions and discussions provided for by this agreement. The parties retain confidentially the existence of this Agreement and the transactions or discussions under this Agreement, unless required by law and unless the parties can give their written consent before any disclosure. Each party signs this agreement on the date indicated at the signing of that party. This agreement is the final agreement of the parties. This is the complete and exclusive expression of the agreement reached between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. All prior and simultaneous communications, negotiations and agreements between the parties on the purpose of this agreement are expressly incorporated into and replaced by this agreement. The provisions of this agreement must not be declared, supplemented or qualified by evidence of the use of trade or a previous activity. None of the parties was led to conclude this agreement and neither party is based on statements, representation, guarantee or agreement, except those expressly defined in this agreement.

Unless expressly stated in this agreement, there are no conditions for the effectiveness of this agreement. If you would like to correct or update the information you have provided to us, please log in to www.zoom.us and update your profile. If, for some reason, which is not considered to be disabling, illegal or unenforceable, a provision of this agreement does not affect other provisions of this agreement for any reason, whether it is illegal or unenforceable, that agreement is interpreted as if the invalid, illegal or unenforceable provisions were never included in that agreement, unless the removal of those provisions would result in such a substantial change that would lead to the conclusion of the transactions provided in this agreement. If you have any questions or comments about data protection in connection with this statement, please email privacy@zoom.us. You can also contact us by writing to this address: Although Smash is not a binding authority in most jurisdictions, Smash serves as a reminder to practitioners and businesses that it is important to learn and use security measures on remote communication platforms, including video sharing platforms such as Zoom. If security measures vary depending on the information discussed and the platform used, good practices could take measures such as password protection, participation tracking, withdrawal of uninsured participants and/or ensuring that people with access to meeting links are subject to confidentiality agreements or other confidentiality obligations.

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