Why People Think Are A Good Idea

Why You Should Choose A Pig As A Pet And Not A Dog.

Pets are really liked by most people and the different people usually prefer some animals such as dogs and cats to keep as pets. Keeping a pig for a pet can prove to be a better choice since they show things that prove them to be better friends to man than dogs. Training a pig is easier and faster than most pets since they are really smart being able to understand quickly and do these things better. When a pig is taught some trick it will do it perfectly and will not tend to forget quickly unlike others that need constant training to make them remember. They are known to read emotions and can do things to keep one excited when they see the owner being sad.

A pig can attract attention from the owner to send a message such as unique sounds and behavior that raise interest from the owner. There have been cases of pigs saving people during tragedies by attracting attention from other people to take a look into the house. The life span of a pig is longer than dogs or cats and they can live for some decades when treated in best ways. No one likes to lose their pets but it happens since all living things die although they may enjoy the company of pigs for much longer. Despite people thinking that pigs are dirty, they are actually very clean and can make it easier for owners to clean them.

The fact that pigs do not have fur means they do not mess up the house with fur while playing on seats and such furniture. Fleas, ticks and such parasites that affect dogs and other pets are not present in pigs as they do not have fur that is used as hiding place for the parasites. You can easily clean after a pig since they learn how to use a litter box to help themselves unlike dogs. One can use a bathtub or ponds to cool off the pigs when it is hot without making the place dirty. The other great thing about pigs is that they are social animals and like to be in the company of people at most times. They are great companions to man and usually do some things to keep the person happy by being playful and also cute. One can cuddle up with the pigs at all times as they really enjoy this which gives both the owner and pig a feeling of companionship. When you have a dog as a pet, it is impossible to have a cat as the two keep fighting.

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