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All About Caring for Naturally Curly Hair.

If you though the only hair types were curly or straight you will be surprised to learn that there are actually 14 different hair types. There are key differences in these hair types based on the look and feel. There is nothing much you can do in changing your hair type if you have curly hair and understanding that it will take a bit more time to care for it will help. As much as curly hair looks amazing, you have to understand that you will have to put in more work in taking care of it than those who have straight hair do and patience is necessary too. This should not make you despise your hair type though. When you are aware of the things you have to do when it comes to curly hair, you can pick out what will leave your hair looking good but also fit your lifestyle. You can then develop a hair care routine based on the information. It is quite simple to keep the curly hair looking good when you understand the process. You need to change the way you have been drying your hair if it is curly.

A blow dry is all is needed for those who have straight hair. Even so, curly hair is not good with the drier which is why you should eliminate that from your routine. If you have enough time, you should have it dry naturally. When time is limited you can use a soft towel to dry the hair but ensure you have sectioned it. A cotton t-shirt is also a great item in the drying process for those who have curly hair. These are not just gentle but they help your hair retain moisture. It is essential for you to learn the detangling technique for your hair. Once you wet curly hair tangling will happen. The best way to remove kinks or knots is by finger detangling and that is where you should start. If you can find a great detangler the better.

After you have removed all the knots you can proceed to use a wide-toothed comb to work through the hair before using a finer comb. You should not use a brush because it won’t just weaken your hair but also damage it. You need to hydrate the hair too. Hydration applies to all hair types. When you hydrate the tresses you will prevent breakage and also improve the elasticity of your hair. You need to get a great hair moisturizer and use it in between seasons because much of the hair damage will happen during that time without proper care. During winter you should opt for heavier oils to seal the hair from elements. Lightweight oils are ideal for summer. Natural humectants can be used throughout the year.

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