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Next Level Weight-Loss Tips

Those who have never been through the weight loss journey may think it is very easy when in fact it comes as a great challenge. Everyone who decides to take on the weight-loss journey goes through the glycogen depletion phase followed by the fat loss phase and then the plateau and finally the metabolism recovery phase. When you decide to go on a weight-loss journey, you should brace yourself to face every challenge that awaits as every phase introduces new challenges. It is common to find individuals on a weight-loss program giving up hope when they get to the plateau phase because of minimal or no weight loss. Giving up should never be the case because this phase is only one level away from victory. Conquering the plateau phase and achieving the next level weight-loss should not be a problem when you follow through the tips below.

Beating the plateau phase and achieving the next level weight-loss requires that you lessen the number of calories which you take in. You should do some bit of alteration to your diet to reach the next level weight-loss. Lowering your caloric intake or undergoing metabolic testing are the two ways through which you can use to reduce calories.

It is also crucial that you supercharge your workout and burn more calories to attain the next level weight-loss. You stand a chance of reducing more calories and cutting more weight when you undergo high-intensity interval training workouts than when you continue with your usual moderate-intensity workout. In addition, you should include some variation into your workout routine. Your workout should majorly focus on the weaker inefficient muscles which consume extra calories than the strong efficient muscles.

You will also manage to get past the plateau phase and into the next level weight-loss phase when you keep away from the carbs. Carbs are your enemy because they can store calories as fat and make you keep instead of losing weight. Additionally, taking a low-carb diet can minimize the presence of hormones which induce hunger and makes you consume less food in general.

To lose more weight in the plateau phase, you should always choose water over every other drink. All other drinks may seem to be as healthy as plain water or even more but truth is, they are not and taking them only deviate you from the ideal weight which you are looking to attain. It is also usually common to get tempted to snack when you are dehydrated but having water by your side always will help to keep you hydrated and resist the temptation to snack.

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