Power Purchase Agreement Conference 2019

Global electricity generation capacity for renewable energy is growing at an unprecedented rate. Half of the world`s growth in electricity generation comes from renewable energy led by wind, photovoltaic and hydropower. Within five years, the share of renewable technologies that meet global energy needs will reach 30% of global electricity production. The evaluation showed that last year`s conference was a great success and that it wanted a 100% return. It is in this context that we have decided to organise another RE-Scandinavia 2020 conference. This year`s conference will focus mainly on wind energy and the Nordic/Scandinavian market, although elements of solar energy, etc., are included. RE-Scandinavia 2020 is suitable for experienced operators and new PPP operators. There are many moving parts that influence the future of electricity generation in emerging countries. Unlike today`s independent power project models, which included standardized paid contracts, today`s market requires more innovative incentives to ensure better availability, better performance and more attractive and sustainable fuel source blends. There is an urgent need for the economies of all developing countries to master the key tools, models and lessons they have learned to transform and strengthen the current electricity sector. These include the latest models in the negotiation of power purhase agreements (ASA), the design and management of new competitive electricity markets, as well as obtaining the right mix of renewable energy sources. The conference offers inspiring and informative presentations.

We discuss how to structure high-performance air contracts that will provide you with clear explanations of models and risk allocation. Find out how some of the biggest deals were structured by the dealmakers themselves. Take part in the exchange of knowledge and networking and you will find the match for new business opportunities. Renewable energy, such as wind and solar, is becoming the most affordable technologies for electricity generation technologies in many markets. This increases the need for fully market-based solutions for financing and making projects available. PPAs for renewable energy in companies attract a lot of attention – politically and among investors for renewable energy.

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