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Common Toilet Problems That You Can Fix Easily

Toilet issues should not be a cause of stress and financial troubles. There are some common toilet problems that you can mix easily. It is a fact that toilets are very dangerous. Forty three thousand injury cases were linked to toilets back in 1996 as compared to thirteen which were linked to shark attacks. Toilets also pose a significant health risk than you can ever imagine. There are more than just a few toilet problems.

While those that may cause injuries are also problems, the main focus of this site is the toilet problems that have to do with plumbing. They may be less dangerous in terms of health, but they are quite costly. When you consider aspects such as time, money and practicality, it is important that you keep your toilet in the best working condition. The good news for most homeowners is that it is possible to rectify some of these problems without having to find the services of a professional. This site looks to bring to your attention the most common issues a toilet may develop and the possible solutions.

A dodgy toilet seat is in the same category with the other common toilet problems. No one likes seating on a toilet seat that does not fit well. Such toilet seats have a habit of wobbling and moving around when you sit on it. Instead of being a place of refuge, a toilet with a budget seat tends to be more fear inducing. You should consider your problem solved if you find a new toilet seat. Your local hardware store should have a replacement. You should then move ahead and remove it from its throne by removing the nuts after you have opened the hinge covers. When you are done fitting the new seat, insert a bolt and tighten with the nuts. If your tort toilet has a habit of shutting unexpectedly, you can replace it with a slow-close lid.

It is almost normal for most toilets to produce a constant dripping sound. You can easily get irritated by these sounds. A toilet fill valve is responsible for these problems. It is usually activated after you have flashed to refill the tank at the back. The other name for a fill valve is a ballcock. If it is not installed in a proper manner or it is set awkwardly, it may start to drip. Before you replace it, make sure that the tank had been emptied completely. The best way to empty it is by turning off the water supply, flushing the toilet and disconnecting the ware supply from the ballcock.

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